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 St. Paul's United Church of Christ - Disciples of Christ

"Cass Corridor

Poor and homeless persons are the primary mission project of St. Paul's United Church of Christ - Disciples of Christ in Dearborn Heights. The members of our congregation are devoted to supporting this downtown outreach mission to the homeless in Detroit with their donations of time, money, and effort -  to help out the less fortunate.

We have a number of dedicated members who go downtown regularly on the third Saturday of each month - all year round. Whatever the weather happens to be that day, we always go down because the people there are expecting us and really need us. We've been there on the very hottest days of the summer, during snow and rain storms, and when the temperatures are freezing cold. The mission outreach in Detroit is entirely out of doors on the sidewalk."

-Alvina Harvey

To join our Cass Corridor mission: call 1.313.278.7270 and

please leave a message.

The Little Church that Does

                  ...Community Service

Assembling Health Kits is joyful work. 

Above, members of our Missions Team 4/2014

26550 Cherry Hill Road Dearborn Heights MI 48127